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Beyond the coast, there’s a world to discover: the hinterland. All sites are easily accessible, they can be reached by roads and by paths and ancient footpaths for nature lovers.
If you are passionate about history you can discover fortresses, castles, churches, monasteries and tiny rural villages, signs of an ancient and active civilization, full of history and traditions.

Historical centers donít be missed to visit

Ravenna, an ancient city that 1500 years ago was three times capital: of the Western Roman Empire, of the Ostrogoths’ Kingdom and then of Byzantine’s Esarcato. Ravenna is the city of mosaics, rich in art
and culture.
The beautiful mosaics and the harmony of the architecture are the frame of interesting pathways between bell towers and cloisters, frescoes by Giotto of Santa Chiara’s baroque apse of St. Apollinaris


San Marino
This old and famous Republic is characterized by historical, architectural and natural heritage of inestimable value.

In San Marino you can enjoy shopping and find a large variety of crafts and souvenirs (30 Km).


Located on the sweet hills of Romagna, just a few kilometers far from the Via Emilia, between Forlì and Cesena, nearby Forlimpopoli town, Bertinoro stands/rises unmistakably perched on the top of Mount Cesubeo.
What to see: The Old Medieval Castle, Clock Tower, the Cathedral, interreligious Museum unique in the World.