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Restaurant in Cesenatico

Hotels of Cesenatico have the best restaurant of our Riviera


Fish-dishes specialties and local cuisine

ristorante Delfino CesenaticoAncient traditional cuisine of Romagna is combined with the tastiest traditional seafood in a cozy and friendly

Via Zara, 42 - Tel: +39 0547 / 80548 - Cesenatico


Seafood specialties and pizza

ristorante Da Giorgio Cesenatico

Large dining room with veranda and intimate waiting room with sofas. Typical Menu: Appetizers fish, homemade pasta with fish, grilled, stir-fry

Via L.B. Alberti 30- Tel: +39 0547 86499 - Cesenatico Valverde

Il Faro

Seafood Specialities

ristorante Anita sul Mare Cesenatico

Old fishing hut on stilts with a view of the sea.
Typical Menu: Appetizers, pasta and seafood.

Piazza Spose dei Marinai -Tel: +39 0547 83627 - Cesenatico

Cafè Lido

Seafood Specialities

ristorante Cafè Lido Cesenatico

characteristic place built at the end of 1800, and initially used as a woodshed and workshop boats. Typical menus: First and main course seafood / First dish and main course seafood.

Via M.Moretti 44 - Tel: +39 0547 80558 - Cesenatico

Cantina del Porto

Seafood Specialities

ristorante Cantina del Porto Cesenatico

Locale caratteristico che si affaccia direttamente sul Porto canale leonardesco.
Menu tipici: Primi e secondi a base di pesce

Via M. Moretti 28/29 - Tel: 0547 82047 - Cesenatico

Capo del Molo

Seafood Specialities

ristorante Capo del Molo Cesenatico

Local renovated in 1998 and decorated in a Mediterranean style, overlooking the harbor of Cesenatico.
Typical menu: seafood dishes.

Viale Carducci 2 - Tel: +39 0547 80006 - Cesenatico


Seafood Specialities

ristorante Da Armando Cesenatico

Family environment.
Typical menu: grilled fish.

Via Cremona 32 - Tel: +39 0547 81608 - Cesenatico


Seafood Specialities

ristorante Da Silvano Ceseantico

Locally adjacent to the hotel, consisting of two parallel dining rooms with veranda on the front.
Typical menu: homemade seafood pasta

Via Cattaneo 16- Tel: +39 0547 80767 - Cesenatico


Seafood Specialities

ristorante Da Urbano Cesenatico

Construction in a very suggestive directly on the shore west of the harbor. Typical menu: Various original proposals of hot and cold appetizers, first and second seafood.

Via Lungomare Ponente 4- Tel: +39 0547 83252 - Cesenatico


Seafood Specialities

ristorante Florida Cesenatico

Historical dance club transformed into a cozy restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea.
Typical Menu: Appetizers, pasta and main seafood.

Lungomare Ponente - Tel: +39 0547 83270 - Cesenatico

Il Bragozzo

Seafood Specialities

ristorante Bragozzo Cesenatico

Dining room with direct access from the port canal.
Typical Menu: Appetizers, pasta and grilled fish.

Via M. Moretti 26 - Tel: +39 0547 75607 - Cesenatico

L'Angolo Divino

Seafood specialties and local cuisine

ristorante L'angolo Divino

Typical restaurant recently opened, directly overlooking at the harbor Leonardesco.
Typical Menu: Appetizers, main courses of fish and meat.

Piazza Ciceruacchio 1 - Tel: +39 0547 673066 - Cesenatico

La Buca

Seafood Specialities

ristorante La Buca

Typical building with an elegant and welcoming dining room and a wonderful terrace overlooking the harbor. The restaurant has now split in two parts with the new GREAT FRIED’s Osteria, which offers a kind of casual meals.

Corso Garibaldi 41 - Tel: +39 0547 82474 - Cesenatico

La Baia

Seafood Specialities

ristorante La Baia

Restaurant with terrace and panoramic view of the harbor.
Typical menu: Seafood dishes.

Via Del Porto 17 - Tel: +39 0547 81190 - Cesenatico


Seafood Specialities

ristorante Teresina Cesenatico

Directly on the beach of Cesenatico, from the spacious air-conditioned dining room you can admire waves breaking onto the sand creating a special atmosphere perfectly blending in with the flavour of our dishes and the taste of the best wines.

Viale Trento (spiaggia levante)- Tel: +39 0547 81108 - Cesenatico

Titon 1954

Seafood Specialities

ristorante Titon 1954 Cesenatico

One of the oldest and most characteristic places on the canal’s left bank, owned by the Bartolini’s family since 1951, old inn in the past and renowned restaurant seafood today. From May 2003 is a member of the “Associazione del Buon Ricordo”.

Via M. Moretti 10- Tel: +39 0547 80622 - Cesenatico


Seafood Specialities

ristorante Vittorio Cesenatico

Elegant setting overlooking a private port. Good service and hospitality.
Typical menus: Seafood dishes

Via A. Doria 3, c/o Porto turistico Onda Marina- Tel: +39 0547 672588